Teachers Day Speech

Good afternoon.
Today, we are here to celebrate great teachers and great teaching. As a
fellow teacher, I find awkward to speak about teachers or for teachers.
But, first, let me convey to all the teachers, my personal greetings and
best wishes on the teachers’ day.
Dear Teachers:
Though a fellow teacher, I want to say I am proud of you. I am proud of
your dedication to the profession and for the personal sacrifices you make
to teach our children. I am delighted of your devotion to train their
questing minds, and for your inspiration of their hopeful hearts. I am
proud that you take this responsibility seriously —that you see it as
sacred trust.
We celebrate teachers’ day, because we value you. I want to remind you
that all the parents, students and the wider community deeply appreciate
your commitment to teaching and to the children. There is no substitute
for education.
Firstly, because it’s the most precious gift we can give our children.
Secondly, because it’s the most critical investment in our future. And
thirdly, because it’s the most effective strategy which will enable us to
survive and to thrive in a changing world.

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