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Laloo the Matchmaker

After Having Resigned As The CM Of Bihar, Laloo Decides To Go Modeling.
Once He Enters The Herd Of Buffaloes And Resting His Elbows On The Back Of The Cattle He Poses For The Photo. Next Day The

Photo Appears On The Front Page Of A Newspaper.
GUESS THE CAPTION !! Laloo, Third From Left !

Laloo Talks To His Son, “I Want You To Marry A Girl Of My Choice “. Son : “I Want To Choose My Own Bride”.
Laloo : “But The Girl Is Ambani’s Daughter.” Son : “Well, In That Case…”
Next Laloo Approaches Ambani , “I Have A Husband For Your Daughter.” Ambani: “But My Daughter Is Too Young To Marry.”
Laloo : “But This Young Man Is A Vice President Of The World Bank.”

Ambani: “Ah, In That Case…” Finally Laloo Goes To See The President Of The World Bank.
Laloo : “I Have A Young Man To Be Recommended As A Vice President.”
President : “But I Already Have More Vice Presidents Than I Need.”
Laloo : “But This Young Man Is Ambani’s Son-In-Law.” President : “Ah, In That Case…”

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3 Comedy Lines In College Life

3 Comedy Lines In College Life.
1) PLz.Don’t Disturb I Want 2 Study.
2) No Class,Then Lets Go 2 Library
D Best 1 is
3) Sir,I Have A Doubt.


Sometimes, missing is more precious than being together..!

Because we miss only those people
whom we never want to MISS!

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we believe our MEMORY is weak,
When we want to forget SOMEONE,
we realize how powerful our MEMORY Is..!

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True friend

You’re a true friend,
That i want you to know,
Our love for each other
Has helped us to grow.
We’ve been through some tough times,
But we’ve made it through,
The only one i ever trusted was you.
Happy Best Friends Day