140 Words Funny Sms

Things I Use My Home Phone For:

– 2% Calling People.

– 8% Ignoring Telemarketers.

– 90% Calling My Cell Phone
When I Can’t Find It. . . =P =D

In our life

In our life, 6 things can come at any time:
6. ???

6:-Susu..Isliye karke sona OK.

Jummah Mubarak

Help me, I pray
To get through this day.
As this day is the master of all days
I don’t even ask
To have things my way,
Your will is okay.

Things done in your way
Are best suited to stay
In the Master Plan,
Help me to help
In any way that I can

Don’t let me be
Part of the problems I see,
I just want to come
And bow infront of you atleast this day
Help me to come every day



Forget the times
he walked by,
Forget the times
he made you cry,
Forget the times
he spoke your name,
Remember now
your not the same.
Forget the times
he held your hand,
Forget the sweet things
if you can,
Forget the times
& Don’t pretend,
Remember now
he’s just your friend

Things base and vile

Things base and vile, holding no quantity, Love can transpose to form and dignity. Love looks not with the eye, but with the mind, and therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.

How did you

How did you find the energy, Mom
To do all the things you did,
To be teacher, nurse and counselor
To me, when I was a kid. How did you do it all, Mom,
Be a chauffeur, cook and friend,
Yet find time to be a playmate,
I just can’t comprehend. I see now it was love, Mom
That made you come whenever I’d call,
Your inexhaustible love, Mom
And I thank you for it all.

By Joanna Fuchs

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