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64th Independence Day Of India

He That Would Make His Own Liberty Secure,
Must Guard Even His Enemy From Opposition;
For If He Violates This Duty
He Establishes A Precedent
That Will Reach Himself.

~Thomas Paine

Happy India
Happy Independence Day India

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English Quotes For Happy Independence Of India

At The Dawn Of History India
Started On Her Unending Quest,
And Trackless Centuries Are Filled
With Her Striving And The Grandeur Of Her Success And Her Failures
Through Good And Ill Fortune
Alike She Has Never Lost
Sight Of That Quest Or Forgotten
The Ideals Which Gave Her Strength

Happy India

August 15 Independence Day Telugu Speech

You Have To Love A Nation
India That Celebrates Its Independence
Every August 15,
Not With A Parade Of Guns, Tanks, And Soldiers
Who File By The India
In A Show Of Strength And Muscle,
But With Family Picnics Where Kids Throw Frisbees,

The Potato Salad Gets Iffy,
And The Flies Die From Happiness.
You May Think You Have Overeaten,
But It Is Patriotism.

~Erma Bombeck

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Best Happy Independence Day Quotes India

We End Today A Period Of Ill Fortune
And India Discovers Herself Again.
The Achievement We Celebrate Today Is
But A Step,

An Opening Of Opportunity,
To The Greater Triumphs And Achievements
That Await Us. Are We Brave Enough
And Wise Enough To Grasp
This Opportunity And Accept The Challenge
Of The Future?

Happy Independence Day India

2010 India Happy Independence Day

Long Years Ago,
We Made A Tryst With Destiny
And Now The Time Comes
When We Shall Redeem Our Pledge…
At The Stroke Of The Midnight Hour,
When The World Sleeps,
India Will Awake To Life And Freedom.
Happy India
Happy Independence Day India

Happy Independence Day Greetings For India

Tomorrow India Will Celebrate Its
64th Independence Day On 15th August 2010.
This Day Is Being Celebrated As National

Festival In India.

Happy India
Happy Independence Day India.

15 August Independence Day India

Happy Independence Day !!!!
Happy India

On Independence Day.
Here I Am Wishing,
Our Dreams Of A New Tomorrow Come True,
For Us…
Now And Always!

Happy Independence Day India


Let’s Take Decision
To Value Our Nation India
Won’t Forget Those Sacrifices,
Who Gave Us Freedom
Now Its Our Turn
To Have A Reformation.
Happy 63rd Independence Day To All (:
Lets Celebrate Dis Day.
D Day Dat Gave Us D Freedom
Of Thought, Action, Faith N Speech
Happy India

Mery Sohney Mery Pyary Hindustan

1 Arab
1 Karor
1 Lakh
1 Hazar
1 So
1 Dafa
Meri Jan
Mery Chand
Mery Sohney
Mery Pyary

Hahaha Ap Ny Kya Socha Ap Ho…
Toba Toba

Happy Independence Day India Quotes

Happy India
Freedom Has Its Life In The Hearts,
The Actions,
The Spirit Of Men And
So It Must Be Daily Earned And Refreshed
Else Like A Flower
Cut From Its Life-Giving Roots,
It Will Wither And Die.

~Dwight D. Eisenhower