Late Winter & Early Spring

The flowers of late winter and early spring occupy places in our hearts well out of proportion to their size.  ~Gertrude S. Wister

Why Husbands Avoid Answers

Why Husbands Avoid Answers!!

WIFE: Will U Marry Again If I Died?

W: Why Not, Don’t U Like Being Married?
H: Of Course I Do!!

W: Then Y Wouldn’t U Remarry?
H: Okay, I’d Get Married Again!

W: U Would?
H: ….?

W: Would U Live In Our House?
H: Sure, It’s A Great House!

W: Would She Sleep With In My Bed?
H: Where Else Would She Sleep?

W: Would U Let Her Drive My Car?
H: Yeah, Its Almost Brand New!!

W: Would U Give Her My Jewelry?
H: No, I’m Sure She’d Want Her Own

W: Would She Wear My Shoes?
H: No, Her Size Is 6

W: -Silence-
H: Shit!! 😛

Meri Chappal Ka Size Pata Hai Kya

I Love You….

Meri Chappal Ka Size Pata Hai Kya?

Oh Ho Propose Kiya Nai K
Gift Maangna Shuru..:P

Bengali Shayari SMS – Tanki Maira Manibag Faka

Tumar Satha Tanki Maira Manibag Faka
Mase Mase Goccha Dilam Hazar Pachek Taka
Akhon Tumi Kaita Poro Amai System Koira?
Eccha Kora Size Koira Day Bondo Tura Doira!

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Jo Mujhe Duwaon Main Bhool Jaye

(‘.’)/ Jo Mujhe Duwaon
/) ) Main Bhool Jaye..,/_\_
Us K Pakorey Jal Jayen..
Samose Jal Jayen..
Sandwich Sookh Jayen..
Khane Me Namak Tez Hojaye..
Shake Men Makhi Gir Jaye..
Sehri Me Ankh Azan Se 1 Mint Pehly Khulay..
Shoes Ka Size Na Milay..
Eid Ka Dress Na Silay..!