Independence Day Is A Good Time

Independence Day Is A Good Time To Examine
Who We Are
And How We Got Here

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A Nation Of Pride

Take A Stand Against Evil
Corruption & Terrorism
4 We Belong To India
A Nation Of Pride
We Will Thus Say-”Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Isai, Sab Hai Bhai Bhai.”
God Bless
Hai Ram
Pakistan Zindabad!!!

My Independence

Happy Independence Day Sweetheart

Some Things Just Can’t Be Expressed In Words
Some People Just Can’t Be Lived Without
Love Can Speak Volumes Even When Words Cant
So All I Am Going To Say Is ..
I Love U .
Happy Independence Day Sweetheart

Indenpendence Day Hadith

Thank To U Allah
Bcz Allah Gave Us A Wonderfull Gift
This Is India & Pakistan

Hadith :
You Live In Which Contry
U Have To Apply
All The Rules Of Country
On U Except It Does Not Again Islaam
Thank Allah

Azadi Ki Dua

Azadi Ki Dua

Azadi K Din Par Meri Dua Hai K
Allah Ap Ko Quaid Ki Akal
Iqbal Ki Shakal
Liaqat Ki Sherwani
Fatima Ki Jawani
Nehru Ki Chal
Gandi Ji K Baal De