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When I m Dead

When I m Dead,
Ur Tears May Flow,
But I Wont Know,
Cry 4 Me Now, Instead..

When I m Dead,
U ll Send Flowers,
But I Wont See,
Send them Now, Instead..

When I M Dead,
U ll Say Words Of Praise,But I Wont Hear,
Praise Me Now, Instead..

When I M Dead,
U ll 4get My Faults,
But I Wont Know,
4get them Now, INSTEAD‚¦!

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Da cross was 2 pieces of dead wood

Da cross was 2 pieces of dead wood;
and a helpless, unresisting Man was nailed 2 it;
yet it was mightier dan da world,
and triumphed & will ever triumph over it.

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Good Friday in my Heart

GOOD FRIDAY in my heart! Fear and affright!
My thoughts are the Disciples when they fled,
My words the words that priest and soldier said,
My deed the spear to desecrate the dead.
And day, Thy death therein, is changed to night.

Then Easter in my heart sends up the sun.
My thoughts are Mary, when she turned to see.
My words are Peter, answering, ‘Lov’st thou Me?’
My deeds are all Thine own drawn close to Thee,
And night and day, since Thou dost rise, are one.

Mary Elizabeth Coleridge

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Keep Love In Your Heart

Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden
when the flowers are dead. The consciousness of loving and being
loved brings a warmth and richness to life that nothing else can bring.

The Old Year Has Gone

The Old Year
Has Gone
Let The Dead Past
Bury Its Own Dead
The New Year Has
Taken Possession
Of The Clock Of Time
All Hail, The Duties And
Possibilities Of
The Coming 12 Months

Happy New Year … (: