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No Special Reason

There’s no Special reason for this msg, I just wanna steal a single moment out of ur busy life & hope I can make u smile n say: I Miss U.

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Time & distance

Time & distance r important btwen friends.
Wen a friend iz in ur heart,
they remain there 4ever. I may b busy,
bt I assure u, u r always in my heart!

A line said by a frnd

A line said by a frnd 2 his Frnd
aftr both got busy in their livz
did’n contct each other.
“Missd ur smile a lot.
bt,I missd my own smile more”.

Extremely sorry

Extremely sorry as I’m disturbing you at this time
but please can you do a favour?
If you are not busy or not doing anything important,
can you please delete this message?
There is nothing in this message to read
Good Night!

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Friend Ship rules

Friend Ship rules
No Drama
No Excuse
No Sorry
No Thanx
Don’t Say
I m busy
Always Say
Jigar hukum kar
Tery liye jan Bhi hazir hai.
Dein ge nahi wo alag baat hai:-)

Cute People Always Busy

Why Cute People Always Say
They Are Busy
I Will Tell U Later
Right Now I’m Busy….

A Country Path in Late Spring

The path of mossy ground nestled
In between maternal hedgerows,
That overgrew atop, dimming out
The brilliance of the day.
Embosomed, a calm-cool vision –
Abstract takes of nature, in
Leaf-spattered green shades;
Stem-speckled brown hues;
Shards of sunlight percolating
Through the random flaws to
Up glittering sprites upon the leaves.

And avian chatter bounced along the burrow,
Smattered by the crosstalk
Of busybody insects;
But outside the green comfort zone,
Other worlds of other sounds of other life
Otherwise gave a hint of
Other dozy goings on.

Hawthorn filled the air,
Filled the nose,
Filled the head –
Pungency had overpowered all –
Gave the late-spring-early-summer haze.

Here and there a break of colour:
Odd bluebells – escapees from nearby woods –
Blue-blushing bell faces glancing down,
Aware of their erectness in the stem;
The flaming wing of red admirals
Broke through a hedge hole to
Break up the calm backdrop,
While flitting blue tits gave
To greater-bodied animation.

Nature’s warm narration –
The undertones of life.

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DON Free Hai To SMS Nahi Karte

Yaro Ki Yaari Pe Shaq Nahi Karte
Jab DON Msg Bhejta Hai To Bak-Bak Nahi Karte
Pareshan Karte Ho Jab DON Busy Hota Hai
Ab Jab DON Free Hai To SMS Nahi Karte!