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Some hurt by word some by action

Some people hurt by words & some by action…
But the biggest hurt i believe is
that someone ignoring u
when u value them bigger than anything else!

I Guess That Im The Loser

So I Guess That I’m The Loser
Cause You’ve Found Someone New
But I’m Still Here,
Still All Alone Just Crying Over You…:-(

Broken Heart SMS 120 Words

I Am Not Upset That You Lied To Me,
I Am Upset Because From Now
Onwards I Can’t Believe U…:((

Lonely Road Of Broken Dreams

I Am A Lonely Road Of Broken Dreams
Its A Boulevard Date M Searching For,

These Starz Are So Dull
Its A Moon Date I Am Searching For,

Happiness Is So Angry With Me
Its Life Date I Am Searching For,

My Life Is Just Like A Path
Its A Destination Date I Am Searching For,

Dont Know What Is It That Ive Lost
May Be It’s ? Me ? Date I Am Searching For

Broken Heart SMS 130

Everyone Thinks That
Am Happy And Fine…
But Look A Little Closer
You Will See Tears In My Eyes…

Sad Broken Heart SMS

When I Was Sad You Were Not Here,
I Was All Broken But You Didn’t Care,
You Forgot That I Have Got Heart Too,
Though It Was Always Busy Loving You..!!

Broken Heart

Jitni Mohabbat Mili Saari
Baant Di Duniya Walon Ko,

Jab Hamari Baari Aayi
To Sab Ne Dard Ke Siwa Kuch Na Diya…


Nice Line Said By A Broken Heart

A Nice Line Said By A Broken
“Plz Dont Come One More Time
Infront Of Me,
Trust U Again”

Broken Heart Text Messages

Can I Hold Your Hand?
Because It Will Hurt Too Much
When You Let It Go.

Broken Heart SMS in English

I Cry Because I Know
She Doesn’t Feel The Way I Do.

I Cry Because I Think Of
How Pathetic I Am


I Cry Because…
I Think
I’ll Be Crying Forever….. :’(