Special Lunch For You

A special LUNCH 4 u,
In the hotel of my Heart,
A bowl of love,
A spoon of care,
In the pot of Happiness,
Dish is friendship,
Pay the bill

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Little Boy Went To An Ice Cream Shop

A Little Boy Went To An Ice Cream Shop & Asked:
How Much A Large Cup Costs?
The Boy Started Counting
How Much He Had In His Pocket.
Then He Asked:
How Much A Small Cup Cost?
Waiter: Rs.12.
The Boy Asked For A Small Cup.
He Had It, Paid Bill & Left.
When The Waiter Came To Pick The Empty Cup,
He Had Tears In His Eyes
2 See That The Boy Had Left
Rs.3 As Tip For Him.
Always Try To Give Something
To Everyone Out Of Whatever Little U Have

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This Is How Business Is Done!!

Father :
I Want You To Marry A Girl Of My Choice

Son :
I Will Choose My Own Bride!

Father :
But The Girl Is Bill Gates’s Daughter

Son :
Well, In That Case…

Next – Father Approaches Bill Gates

Father :
I Have A Husband For Your Daughter

Bill Gates :
But My Daughter Is Too Young To Marry!

Father :
But This Young Man Is A Vice-President
Of The World Bank

Bill Gates :
Ah, In That Case…

Finally Father Goes To See The President
Of The World Bank

Father :
I Have A Young Man
To Be Recommended As A Vice-President

President :
But I Already Have More
Vice- Presidents Than I Need!

Father :
But This Young Man
Is Bill Gates’s Son-In-Law.

President :
Ah, In That Case…

This Is How Business Is Done!!

Moral: Even If You Have Nothing
You Can Get Anything
But Your Attitude
Should Be Positive
Think +++++++

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