1 sher

Apun 1 sher bolega
“Chand uper se phenk rela hai light”

Bole to ho gai hai night” Band kerne ka light”

Aur sone ka 1 dam tight” Bole to…:-)

In Tune With Mother Nature

If you listen for the songbirds
As they greet the summer sun,
And love the way the wind can make
The trees sings just for fun;

If you like to hear the ocean
As it drums upon the shore,
And imagine all the whales out there,
And hope they’ll sing some more;

If you think of all the animals
As players in a band,
Each with a lovely tune to play,
All needed on the land;

And know that as a boy or girl
A woman or a man
You have a vital role to play
In Mother Nature’s plan;

If you honor every living thing
As a part of nature’s treasure
You’re in tune with Mother Nature
So let’s all sing her song together.

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Jab Aankhain Roti Hain Tou


Jab Ye Jhukti Ha To
Dunya Ki Har Shay Apne Andar Samait Leti Hy

Jab Ye Dekhti Ha To
Samandr Ki Gehraion Se Moti Nikal Leti Hy

Jab Ye Mskurati Hy To
Dunya Ki Tamam Masumiat Apne Andar Jazb Kr Leti Hy

Jab Roti Ha To
Arsh Ko Hila Deti Hy

Or Jab Band Hoti Hy To
Dunya Ko Rula Deti Hy

Memon Is In Love With A Memon Girl

Memon Is In Love With A Memon Girl.

1 Din Larke Ne Kaha:
Jab Mere Dad Sojayen Gay To Me
1 Sika Phenkunge Tm Ander Ajana.

Raat Ko Larki Ne Sika Phenka
Lekin Larka Sika Phenkne K 1 Ghante Baad Aya,

Itne Der Q?

Main Sika Dhond Raha Tha.

Pagal Wo To Main Ne
Dhaga Band K Phenka Tha.!