TOHFA’ Tuhanu Eh Greeb Ki De Sakda

TOHFA’ Tuhanu Eh Greeb Ki De Sakda
Bus De K Duavan Hi Saar Deve
Eho Ardaas Meri Rabb Age
Sohni Jindgi, Kothi Te Tainu Car Deve
Ho Jave Je An-Ban Kite Teri Meri
Tainu Jitt Te Mainu Oh Haar Deve
Rabb Na Kare J Muk Jan Saah Tere
Tainu Bakhash K Jindgi Mainu Maar Deve

An Old Age Mother

Once An Old Age Mother Was Sitting With Her Son.
Ek Kawa Pas Betha Tha Maa Ne Pocha K Beta Yh Kia Hai

Yh Kawa Hai

Maa Ne Kuch Deir Baad Phr Pocha K Yh Kia Hai.

Yh Kawa Hai

Maa Ne Phr Pocha Yh Kia Hai?

Ghusay Se Bola K Kitni
Dafa Btaun K Yh Kawa Hai

Maa Hansi Aur Boli K Beta:
Jb Tu 3 Saal Ka Tha Yh He Jaga The
Aur Aise He Kawa Pas Betha Tha Aur
Tm Ne 40 Dafa Pocha Tha
Aur Mein Ne 40 Dafa
Tera Matha Chom K Btaya Tha K Yh Kawa Hai.

Love Your Parents

Boy and girl

Boy and girl of class 2 asked teacher:
“can kids of our age have kids?”

Teacher replied ” NO Never!!”

Boy said to girl :
“see i told you not to worry!!!!

Girl Age 18

Teacher Asked Pappu:
Jab Larki Ki Age 18 Saal Se Uper Ho Jaye
To Usay Kis Cheez Ki Zarurat Hoti Hai?

Shanakhti Card(N.I.C) Ki.

Ap B Apni Zehniyat
Pappu Ki Tarah Saaf Rakhen.

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An Ideal Son

An ideal son
A: I’ve the ideal son.
B: he smokes?
A: No
B: he drinks whiskey?
A: No
B: he ever comes home late?
A: No
B: I guess you really do have the ideal son. What is his age?
A: He is going to be 1 year old next Sunday.

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Independence Day

‘W 0 R L D’
Strange Is The Nutrition,
They Are Apart From The
Whole World
These Lovers, O Allah, To Which Town Do They Belong…
First It Made You Play In The Childhood
In The Youth It Made You A Blind Lover
Old Age Then Troubled You So Much
Time Will Clear You Completely
World Is Not A Place Of Heartly Affiliations
This Is A Place Of Heed, It Is Not A Jest…

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In An Age

“In an age when man has forgotten his origins and is blind even to his most essential needs for survival, water along with other resources has become the victim of his indifference.”

New Style Of Proposing

New Style Of Proposing

Can I Take A Photo.


Just Wanted 2 Show My Children
How Their Mom Looked In Her Younger Age:-)

An Elephant Meets An Ant

An Elephant Meets An Ant.

Tumhari Umer Kitni Hai?

25 Saal.

25 Saal Aur Itni Choti?

I Use LUX.
Meri Beauty Se Meri Age Ka Patta He Nahin Chalta.

Your Age?

5 Saal.

5 Saal Aur Itney Baray?

NIDO Jo Peeta Hon 🙂