Hindi SMS – I Proud To Be An Indian

Posted by 10 August, 2011

Any Thing Which Is Related To
My Loving Nation,
Its Soil,Water,Weather,Light,
Land,River And All The Men
Around My Mother Land Is
As Important As My Mother
I Wish I Could Born In This Country
Every Time If God Thinks
To Send Me To His Created
Land Of Love And Prosperity……

I Proud To Be An Indian

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One Response to “Hindi SMS – I Proud To Be An Indian”
  • pratishtha singh says:

    Tress are tall,
    leaves are green,
    every where they are seen,
    so fine and green
    flowers are blooming
    with their colours around,
    birds are chirping
    oh!what a sight,
    a pleasure for eyes
    God’s creation could
    not be more beautiful
    Nature is not to play,
    it is the beautiful
    of the earth
    it is a preacious gift
    by god to us

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