Winter Starts Sms

Thandi Thandi Hawa Chali
Mausum Howa Suhana
Wah Wah Wah

Thandi Thandi Hawa Chali
Mosam Howa Sohana

Cartoon B Sms Parhnay Lagae,
Educated Howa Zamana 😉

Happy Winter Season

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Snow Message

Snow Is Falling
A Beautiful Sight
Snow Is Falling
It Plays With The Light
Snow Is Falling
It Plays It’s Game
Snow Is Falling
It Makes All That’s Different Look The Same
Snow Is Falling
It’s Source Is Storm
Snow Is Falling
It Makes All Conform
Snow Is Falling
It Blinds All Who See
Snow Is Falling
It Hides You From Me
Snow Is Falling
From A Sky Of Lead
Snow Is Falling
Never Mind…

We’re Dead

Snow Sms

I Have Seen Angels In The Sky
I Have Seen Snowfall In July
I Have Seen Things U Only Imagine To See
But I Havent Seen Anything Sweeter Than U.

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It’s Winter Again !!

Taking Sips Of Coffee
Lying In Cozy Bed With Blanket Around
Reading Novel Or Watching Movie
Long Gossips With Friends !
Rain With Soft Music
Long Walk On Sea Shore At Night
With A Cup Of Tea In Hand
All U Can Enjoy Cause

It’s Winter Again !!

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Aaj Aik Sweater Aur Pehen Lo…
Aaj Aik Razai Aur Odh Lo… .
Aaj Aik Mufler Aur Lapet Lo…
Aaj 2 Moze Aur Pehen Lo…
Aaj Aik Kehwa Aur Pii Lo…
Aaj Aik Heater Aur Chala Lo…
Kya Pta….
Kal Thand Ho Na Ho !


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