Teddy Day 2013 Message

Cuddly And Warm,
These Calming Creatures Reassure Me
In The Days When Fears Fly Before Reason
And The World Loom Bleak Instead Of Beautiful.
The Teddy Bear,
All Things To All Ages…
Symbol That All Is Right With The World
If One Only Believes.

Teddy Day Wishes & Greetings

Bears Are Just About The Only Toy
That Can Lose Just About EverythingAnd Still Maintain Their Dignity And Worth

Teddy Bear Day Messages For Family

Anyone Who Has Looked A Teddy Bear
In The Face Will Recognize
The Friendly Twinkle In His Knowing Look.

Taddy Day Quotes & Quotations

Now That I’m All Grown Up,
I Can Buy Any Old Teddy Bear I Want
Except The Old Teddy Bear I Want.

Happy Teddy Day

A Teddy Bear Is A Faithful Friend
You Can Pick Him Up At Either End.
His Fur Is The Colour Of Breakfast Toast,
And He’s Always There When You Need Him Most.

10 February Teddy Day

on this Teddy Bear Day I Tell U that
I love you now until I die.
For I must love because I live
And life in me is what you give.
Happy Teddy Day

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