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Funny Sms Jokes dialogues

Aamir Khan : *Smiling*
Teacher : Aap Muskura Kyon rahe ho?

Aamir Khan : Bahut dino se FB pageka admin banne ki echchha thi … aaj ban gaya hun, bahut maza aa raha hai.
Teacher : Jyada maze lene ki zarurat nahi hai … ok tell me what is a post?

Aamir Khan : Anything that is posted on facebook is post sir.
Teacher : Can you pleaes elaborate?

Aamir Khan : Sir, jo bhi facebook pe log daalte hain wo post hai sir … ghumne gaye toh photo daal diya !!! Post hai sir … sir actually hum post se ghire hue hain sir !!! … Katrina ki pic se ronaldo ki kick tak!!! Sab post hai sir!!! Ek second me comment, ek second me like!!! comment-like comment-like.
Teacher : Shut up! DMIN bnke ye karoge??? comment-like comment-like… Hey chatur tum batao?

Chatur : Pictures, texts or Videos posted through Mobile or Tablet or laptop or desktop via different operating system using internet on facebook is called a post.

Teacher : Excellent!

Aamir Khan : Per sir maine bhi toh o he bola seedhe shabdo main.

Teacher : Seedhe shabdo me karna hai toh kisi aur page ke admin bano.;>

Aamir Khan : Par sir dusre admin bhi toh …
Teacher : Get out!
Aamir Khan : why sir?
Teacher : seedhe shabdo me bahar jayiye.

*Aamir Khan goes out and comes back*

Teacher : Kya hua?

Aamir Khan : kuch bhool gaya tha sir.
Teacher : kya?
Aamir Khan : An utility button given us to protect our private data. i.e. pictures, messages or personal information for being stolen or used for bad purpose by hackers or anyone else.

Teacher : kahna kya chahte ho??
Aamir Khan : Logout sir!!! logout karna bhool gaya tha.
Teacher : seedha seedha nahi bol sakte the?

Aamir Khan : thodi der pehle try kiya tha sir, aapko pasand nahi aaya !! :):):)

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Restriction From Entering New Market

A Profesor explained Marketng to BUSINESS studnts.
1. You see gorgeous girl in party, U go to her & say I am rich marry me.
Thats “Direct Marketng”.
2. U attend party & ur friend gos to a girl & pointng at you tells her. He’ is very rich, marry him
Thats “Advertisng”.
3.girl walks to u & says u rich, can u marry me?
“That’s Brand Recognition”.
4. U say I m very rich marry me & she slaps u
“Thats Customer Feedback”
5. U say I m very rich marry me & she introduces u to her husband
“Thats Demand & SupPly Gap”
6. before U say I m rich, marry me, ur wife arrives
Thats “Restriction from Entering New Market”:)

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Teacher student se

Teacher student se:
14 nov ko CHILDERN DAY kiun manaya jata hai??

kyun k ye din VALENTINE DAY k theek 9 maheny bad aata hai.

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Funny Mathematics Jokes

Lecturers Keep Telling Us
V Have 2 Work Twice As Hard As D Previous Semister
Wat Dey Dont Realise Is Dat
0*2 Is Still To 0..!!!

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Khuda ne di zindgaiv

Khuda ne di zindgai
Abbu-Ammi ne diya Pyar
Lekin ilm or padhai k liye…
Ae Maullim hum hai tere shukarguzar !

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Genious Student

When I Was At School,
Someone Stole My Rough Note

Now They Call It As
“Oxford Dictionary”

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