Good Morning Quotes in English

Good Morning.
I’m Just Reaching Out To Say
I Miss You And I Love You.
Have A Great Day!
Work Smarter Not Harder
And Take A Break In Between.
I Can’t Wait To See You Later.

Some Fragrance Always Remains

Do Good To Everyone
Without Expecting Nothng In Return..
Some Fragrance Always Remains
Cling To The Hands Of Those
Who Distribute Roses…!

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Hamara Aaj Or Kal


Kal–Log Subha Namaz K Liye Utha Karty Thay
Aaj–Chaai K Liye

Kal–Log Subha Quran Perha Karty Thay

Kal–Log Deen K Liye Mehnat Karty Thay
Aaj–Dolat K Liye

Kal–Log Ebadat Me Masruf Rehty Thay
Aaj–Movies Or Music Me

Kal–Aurat Ghar Ki Zeenat Thi
Aaj–Bazar Ki

Kal–Aulad Maa/Baap Ka Kehna Maanti Thi
Aaj–Maa Baap Aulad Ka

Hamen Apna Aaj Badalna Hoga Warna..
Hamara Kal Tareek Ho Jaega.

Shakespeare Says

Shakespeare Says,
It Is Not Necessary To Share
Everything B/W True Friends.
It Is Necessry That What U Share Must Be True.

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