Azad Hain

Azad Hain Azad Rahain Ge Ye Musalmaan
Eh Quaid E Azam Tera Ahsan Hai Ahsan
Yun Di Hamain Azadi K Duniya Hui Hairan
Eh Quaid E Azam Tera Ahsan Hai Ahsan

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Quaid E Azam Day Shayari

Wo Mulk Banane ka Jazba Jo Har ik dil Mein Basta tha
Bahir Nikla Jazbon se Mila or Mil k Bana Tufaan**
Ik Fehm e Firasat Se Iss Ne Jazbon Ki Qayadat Ayse Ki
Wo Quaid E Azam Kehlaya or Baani e Pakistan Bana**

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Quaid e Azam Sayings

My message to you all is of hope, courage and confidence.
Let us mobilize all our resources in a systematic and organized way and
tackle the grave issues that confront us with grim determination
and discipline worthy of a great nation

salam quaid azam quotes

“Our foreign policy is one of the friendliness and goodwill towards all the
nations of the world.

We do not cherish aggressive designs against any
country or nation.

We believe in the principles of honesty and fairplay in
national and international dealings and are prepared to make our utmost
contribution to the promotion of peace and prosperity among the nations of
the world.”

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