Propose Day Jokes

Life Counts All D Roads V Travel.
Sum R Smooth,
Sum R Ruf.
Sum I Wud Rather 4get.
But Theres 1 Road I Wont Regret
D Road Whr V Met N Bcame Frnds.
Happy Propose Day

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Shayari for Propose Day

Many People Have Caught My Eye
But Only You Have Caught My
Happy Propose Day

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8 feb Propose Day Text

Smart Propose By An Engineer To His Girl.
‘Engineer’ Wrote On A Paper”Will U Marry Me..?”
N Gave 3 Options 2 Girl,
A). Yes
B). A)
C). B)

Propose Day Wishes for 2013

If I Get Your Smile,
I Dont Need Flowers.
If I Get Your Voice,
I Dont Need Music.
If You Speak To Me,
I Dont Need Anybody.
If You Are My Love,
I Dont Need The World.Happy Purpose Day

Propose Day Status

2 Answers Given By A GIRL When She Is Proposed
1 Nahi
2 Mujhe Waqt Chahiye
2 Answers Given By A BOY When HE IS PROPOSED

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8 February Propose Day Sms

Love Is Missing Someone
Whenever You’re Apart,
But Somehow Feeling Warm
Inside Because You’re Close In Heart.
As We Are,
Happy Propose Day Sweetheart.

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Propose Day Quotes & Quotations

One day 14 boys decided 2 propose to a gal
12 boys came wit roses,
1 came
wit a
Tat’s confidence. Another boy came wit a condom-
over confidence…

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