Propose Day Jokes

Life Counts All D Roads V Travel.
Sum R Smooth,
Sum R Ruf.
Sum I Wud Rather 4get.
But Theres 1 Road I Wont Regret
D Road Whr V Met N Bcame Frnds.
Happy Propose Day

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8 feb Propose Day Text

Smart Propose By An Engineer To His Girl.
‘Engineer’ Wrote On A Paper”Will U Marry Me..?”
N Gave 3 Options 2 Girl,
A). Yes
B). A)
C). B)

Propose Day Wishes for 2013

If I Get Your Smile,
I Dont Need Flowers.
If I Get Your Voice,
I Dont Need Music.
If You Speak To Me,
I Dont Need Anybody.
If You Are My Love,
I Dont Need The World.Happy Purpose Day

8 February Propose Day Sms

Love Is Missing Someone
Whenever You’re Apart,
But Somehow Feeling Warm
Inside Because You’re Close In Heart.
As We Are,
Happy Propose Day Sweetheart.

Propose Day Quotes & Quotations

One day 14 boys decided 2 propose to a gal
12 boys came wit roses,
1 came
wit a
Tat’s confidence. Another boy came wit a condom-
over confidence…

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