Mujko dikhai daita hai

Mujko dikhai daita hai hr chehra tera chehra
mjy sunai daiti h hr awaz teri awaz0

badal ka garajna kbi taron ka chamakna
ye garj chamak yad dilay mujko teray andaz

mjy apno se larna tha mjy ghero se bachna tha
kai ghazio se mushkil tha mera mahaz

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English Poetry 140 Characters

Another Day Passing By
Another Day Without You
Wondering If All Tommorow’s
Are Going To Be Same

Seems Like Only Yesterday
The Wondrful Day We First Met
S?Eing Ur Beautiful Smile
Knwing,You Were The One For Me

Why Did Our Magic Fade Away?
Where Did Our Love Go Astray?
I Knw Its Too Late Now
But, I Would Really Want To Knw.

You’ve Met Someone New
Someone Who’ll Never Let You Go
Leaving Me Here All Alone
With A Heart Full Ov Pain.

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Someone Somewhere Is Not Happy As You

Sometime In Life We Feel So Blue,
But Someone Somewhere Is Not Happy As You

Somewhere Far At The Border When A Soldier Sleeps,
Missing His Loved Ones, He Silently Weeps

Somewhere A Mother Painfully Sighs,
Because Her New Born Baby Didn’t Open Her Eyes
Somewhere A Poor Dad Silently Cries,
When He Sees His Son Begging For A Bowl Of Rice

Somewhere In An Orphanage A Little Girl Is Sad,
When She Misses Her Mom & Dad

So At Times A Reason To Smile You May Not Have Any,
Say To Yourself That You Are Happier Than Many

Because Life Is Beautiful & It Is Not Always Blue,
Someone Somewhere Is Not As Happy As You

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Can I Call You Angel? by Erin Sheets

Can I Call You Angel?
by Erin Sheets

The snow fell, leaving a halo of white upon your head,
and that’s when I said,
“Can I call you Angel?”

You looked at me with surprise,
but I could see it in your eyes,
and I knew.

As you sang silent night,
your beautiful voice put me at ease,
and I asked please,
“Can I call you Angel?”

A smile came to your face with serenity and grace,
but you said not a word.
In my darkest hours you held my hand,
never leaving my side, and I said, while I cried,
“Can I call you Angel? ”

You then began to wipe the tears away
and erase all the gray in my life.
You led me down a path of gold,
telling me of the creator above,
and again I asked with a greater love,
“Can I call you Angel?”

You never answered my plea,
so I fell to my knee in prayer.
As I opened my eyes, I could see you before me;
Your wings spread and a golden halo upon your head
and one last time I said,
“Josslyn, can I call you Angel?”

Can You Feel Me When I Think About You

Can You Feel Me
When I Think About You

With Every Breath I Take
Every Minute
No Matter What I Do

My World Is An Empty Place

Like I’ve Been Wonderin The Desert
For A Thousand Days

Don’t Know If It’s A Mirage
But I Always See Your Face

I’m Missing You So Much
Can’t Help It, I’m In Love

A Day Without You Is Like A Year Without Rain
I Need You By My Side

Don’t Know How I’ll Survive
A Day Without You Is
Like A Year Without Rain

English Poetry Messages

The Wind Felt Cool Upon My Back.
Her Eyes Looked Like Shimmering Pools Of Pearls.
The Moon Kissed The Stars Goodnight.
I Held My Sweetheart So Very Tight.

The Sand Felt Good Between My Toes.
Her Scent Sweet As A Rose.
The Water Looked So Blue Green.
Love By The Sea So Serene.

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What You Mean To Me by Baby Bad

What You Mean To Me by Baby Bad

March 2, 2011 | In: Poetry SMS

What You Mean To Me
by Baby Bad

I never came here looking for a single soul.
But now that I found you I want you to know

I had forgotten how to smile, how to laugh, how to be me
I had forgotten the sweet pleasure of a heart filled with glee.

I was intoxicated with life… work and family
Never stopping for fun… it just wasn’t there you see.

Since I have found you… it’s been a complete turn around
I smile and laugh again… not much gets me down.

I get excited when I see you on ICQ
Wondering what it is today we will do…

Chatting, laughing and the games we play
You make my every day.

It seems so silly on just a machine
How someone can reach you… become your everything.

English Poetry Messages

When You Love Someone You Give Your
Heart Your Soul And When You Give Your
Heart And Soul You Cant Give Them Again To Another Person

“The Best Kind Of Love Is The Kind
That Awakens The Soul,
Make Us Reach For More,
Plants A Fire In Our Hearts
And Bring Peace To Our Minds”

I Could by Kaunie Hagensen

I Could
by Kaunie Hagensen

I could write you a letter,
But what would it say?
Could it make things better?
Would it make everything okay?

I could write you a song,
Full of love hope and grace.
Would you tell me what went wrong?
Could you say it to my face?

I could make a telephone call,
And listen as you cried
But I would not let you fall,
And if you did, we’d both know I tried.

I could make the world go away
But would that be what you like?
You would miss the golden sunrays
You would miss the moonlight.

I could stop all this pain
Bring it all to an end
The tears would fall like rain
On the shoulder of a dear friend.

Thank You by Rose

Thank You
by Rose

You took me in under your wings
When I was too scared to fly
You told me that I had to live
When all I wanted was to die

You saw the fear and sadness I had
By only the sound of my voice
You said I didn’t have to talk-
You were the first to give me that choice

You told me just to take my time
We’ll always have next week
There were many, many times
When you’d just let me weep

You somehow made me smile, though
Through my pain and all the tears
You told me all about my life
And what happened in those years

To my surprise you were right
You already knew me so well
So I decided to stick with you
“I like her already, I can tell. ”

You opened my heart very slow
And took a look inside
Then you found the part of me
That I wanted so badly to hide

But you didn’t laugh, nor did you leave
You didn’t say I was wrong
You told me that I’d be fine –
Something I’d needed so long

Then I realized something was wrong
When I sat there all those days
Then I finally figured it out
It was something I didn’t say

Thank you was all that I could get out
Though I wanted to say much more
You have taught me of life and love
And that I have something to live for

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