I Was Not Born Experienced

I Was Not Born Experienced

The Hard Realities,
Deceiving Natures,
Broken Promises,
Double Faces,
Attractive Words,
Melting Emotions,
Lovely Feelings,
Harsh Truths,
Bitter Behaviors,
Loving Attitude,
Ignoring Acts,
Multi Standards
& False Statements.
These All Taught Me
What Is Experience

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English Poetry Of Eyes

In Your Eyes I See The Sadness
Wishing To Wipe Away Your Tears
Heartache Etched Within Your Soul
Leaving You With All Of Your Fears

My Gaze Burning Desperately
Trying To See Within
I Struggle To Embrace Your Broken Heart
Release The Compassion That Struggles To Be Free Again

Reaching Out To Hold You
Close To My Heart You Do Lay
I Will Always Be Here To Catch You
Never Allowing You To Wither Away

I See Within Your Crying Eyes
So Desperate To Belong
Envious Of The Future
As The Past Hinders You From Which You Long

Pain Behind Those Eyes

So Much Pain Behind Those Eyes
But Still They Don’t Speak Out,
Don’t Let Know What They Feel ?
What They Want From Others ?
How Do They Live Their Life ?
Why Do They Live Their Life ?
But Still Cry 0ut In Pain And
Move On With A Broken Heart….

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