Boy Got Admission In An American School

A Paksitani Boy Got Admission In An American School.
Teacher :
Whats Your Name ?

Boy :

Teacher :
No, Now You R In America Your Name Is Johny From Today.

Boy Went Home. Mom Asked:
How Was The Day Ahmad.

Boy :
Im An American Now Call Me Johnny.

Mom & Dad Both Got Offended And Beat Him Up.

Next Day He Was Back To School, All Bruised.

Teacher :
What Happend Johnny?

Boy :
Ma’am, Just 4 Hours After I Became American,
I Was Attacked By Two Pakistanis!

Proud To Be Pakisani

Humare Mulk Me Taj Mahal Hy
“Lekin Uske Andar Parinda B Par Nahi Mar Sakta”

Humare Mulk Me Itna Husn He
“Lekin Kisi Larki Ko Koi Touch B Nahi Kr Sakta”

Humare Mulk Me Esi Police Hy
“K Koi Hiley To Police Pohnch Jati Hy”

Hum Woh Qoum Hein
K “Misar” Se Larki Utha K
“Taj Mahal” Mai Date Maar K Wapas Aa Jaen
Tab Bhi “America” K Abbay Ko B Pata Naa Chale.
*Proud To Be Pakisani*

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Agar Koi Kahe K Lahore Lahore Hai

Pakistan Ka Sabse Barra Masjid Ka Meenar
Karachi Mey Hai
“Masjid Tayyaba,
Block D, North Nazimabad” ..
Pakistan Ki Sabse Oonchi Building
Karachi Mey Hai “MCB T0wer” ..
Southasia Ki Sabse Badi Library Building
Karachi Mey Hai “Baitul Hikmat” ..
Phir Bì Agar Koi Kahe K Lahore Lahore Hai
T0u Hum Kahenge K Karachi Uska Sh0har Hai,
Jitna Lah0re Hai
Utna T0u Karachi Mey Sirf Gulistan-E-Johar Hai !
Geo Karachi!

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Dedicated To All Masoom Pakistanis

Ghar Se Bhagi Larki
Kuch Dino K Bad Sherminda Sherminda
Wapis Apne Ghar Aa Gai.
Maa Ne Waja Poochhi To,
Larki Boli:
Larka To Kangla Nikla.
Ghar Rent Ka Tha.
Bike Loan Pe Thi.
Blackberry Mobile China Ka Tha.
Or To Or Larka Pakistan Me
Job Krne Wala Nikla.
Na Aane Ka Pata
Na Jane Ka.
Na Khilane Ko Paise.
Na Bonus.
Na Tarakki.
Na Pyar Ka Time
Na Koi Over Time.
Dedicated To All Masoom

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Why Pakstani R Easy To Identify

Why Pakstani R Easy To Identify:
1. Everything Cooked In Garlic N Onion.
2. Reuse Of Gift Paperz.
3. Arriving 1 Hour Late At Party.
4. Talk For An Hour At The Gate When Leaving Somebody’s House.
5. Keep Left Over Food In Fridge.
6. 40 Yrs Old And Living Wth Parents.
7. Don’t Measure With Cups When Cooking.
8. Sofas Covered With Bedsheets.
9. Cover Alm0st Everything With Plastic
Whether Its Remote Control. -)

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Pakistani Political Jokes

Tariq Mehmood Bajwa,
MPA Of PML(N) From Nanka Sahib 68,
Has Made An Amazing Record By Doing
MA In 2002
BA In 2006
& Matriculation In 2007
Please Forward This Message
To All Your Friends
As An Attempt To Put His Name
Is Guinness Book Of World Records….

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Pakistan Is De Most Responsible Country

9/11 = Pakistan Responsible
7/7 = Pakistan Responsible
Mumbai Blast = Pakistan Responsible
Rise Of Taliban = Pakistan Responsible
N.Korea Nuclear Bomb = Pakistan Responsible

Conclusion =
Pakistan Is De Most Responsible Country

Per Lahore Lahore Hai

1 Lahori Paindu Performing Umarah Saying Dua
“Ae Allah Tera Ghar Barkato Wala Hai
Rahmato Wala Hai
Aman Wala Hai
Sukoon Wala Hai
Per Lahore Lahore Hai”

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Funny But True

Funny But True..

1 Pakistani Fauji Dosre Se:
Yaar General Sahb Kehte Hain K
Is Baar Jung Computer Se Larri Jaye Gi.?

2nd Fauji:
Mizaile Computer Se Control Hote Hain Naa..

Phir To Hum Jung Haar Jaen Ge,

Woh Kese…?

Agar Mizael Chorrne Se Pahle
Light Chali Gai To…

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Ministry of Pakistan

A Little Boy Wnted Rs.50
Vry Bdly & Prayd 4 Week
But Nthng Hapnd
Finaly He Dcided  Write A Letter
2 Allah Rqusting 4 Rs.50 Wen D Postal Authortis Recivd D Letr
Adresd 2 Allah Dey Dcided 2 4wrd It 2 D Fin,
Minstr Of Pak As A Jok Fin Mnistr Wz So Amusd Wd Ds He Instrctd Hz Sec:
2 Snd D Boy Rs.20
Thinking Ds Would Appear To B Lot Of Money
2 A Child.
D Little Boy Was Delighted Wd Rs20
& Decided 2 Write A Thnx Note 2 Allah
“Dear Allah, Thnk U Vry Much 4 Sendng D Mony
Hwevr,I Noticd Dt U Sent It Throgh Fin.
Mnistry In Islmabd & Thos Crrupt Stupid
N Selfish Donkeys Hv Deductd Rs30 In Taxes
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