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i miss u
i love u
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tu meri jaan

tu mera chand

tu meri subah

tu meri shaam

i love u

23rd march

Hum To Mit Jaien

Hum To Mit Jaien
Gey Ae ARZ-e-Watan
Lakin Tum ko…
Zinda Rehna Hai
Qayamat ki Sehar
Honay Tak..

HAPPY 23rd

Long Live Pakistan

Ghulami Mai Na Kaam Aati Hain Shamsheerain Na Tadbeerain
Jo Ho Zouq-e-Yaqeen Paida Tu Kat Jati Hain Zanjeerain

Happy Pakistan Day
Long Live Pakistan

Wish You A Very Happy 23rd March

70 years ago, on 23rd March, thousands of Muslims from all over the
sub-continent gathered in Lahore. They had one dream,
one vision and one mission. On that day,
under the able leadership of Jinnah and others,
the struggle for Pakistan started with full force and it
ended with the creation of Pakistan.
“wish u a very happy 23rd march”

Happy Pakistan Day

Pakistan is a country of over 170 million people determined to
safeguard their freedom, integrity and sovereignty,
who shall never give in to the forces of evil.
Pakistan is bound to triumph over its predicaments.
No one should have any doubt or misperception on this count.
“happy pakistan day”

Happy Resolution Day

23rd March was the day when the struggles were streamlined.
There were no individual benefits, everyone was thinking on a broader prospect,
everyone was thinking for the Muslims of the sub-continent and for Pakistan.
There were no Sindhis, Balouchis, Pathans, Kashmiris,
Punjabis and Bengalis, they were all part of a great Muslime nation.
But Today What we Are…..
Think About it.
“happy resolution day”

23rd March Quotes

There Are Some Unforgetable Days
In The History Of Any Nation…

<23rd March 1940>

Is Very Important Day
On Which
Quaid Gave A Plateform
To The Movement Of Pakistan
And This Is A
Milestone Of Pakistan’s History…



23rd March SMS Funny

Azad Pakistan K Nalayak Jawano

Agar Aaj Valentines
Ya Frndship Day Hota
To INBOX Full Hota


Jaldi Se Utho Or
Sab Ko Wish Karo.

HAPPY Pakistan Day…

23 March 2011 SMS

Others May Have 4gotten
But Never Can I
The Flag Of My Country Furls Very High

Happy Pak Day
No Nation Is Perfect
Needs 2 B Made!
Be Proud 2b A Pakistani!!

23rd March Ascii SMS

|=–.!.__..-  (*  -=-._;


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