8th Day of Navratri Sms

Married And Single Women
From The Locality Take Part In The Rituals
Involved In Worshipping Mahalaxmi.
Happy 8th Navratri

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Eight Day Navratri Message

On The Eighth Day Of Navratri,
The Idol Of Mahalaxmi Is Prepared
From Kneaded Rice Flour,
Is Painted With Organic Colours,
Is Dressed In A Saree And Decked Up With Ornaments.
Happy 8th Navratri

Navratri 8th Day Greetings

There Is A Tradition Of Worshipping
The Goddess On The Eighth Day Of Navratri In Various Parts Of Goa.
The Worship Of Mahalaxmi Is Celebrated On 8th Day,
Happy 8th Day Of Navratri

Navratri 8th Day Wishes

Mahalaxmi Worshipped On 8th Day Of Navratri.
Mahalaxmi, The Goddess Of Prosperity And Wealth,
Is Predominantly Worshipped During The Festival Of Navratri.
8th Chaitra Navratri Greetings

7th Day of Navratra

Maa Kalaratri Day Is Celebrated On
Seventh Day Of Navratri
In This Form She Is Believed To Have Licked
The Blood Of Demon Rakta Beeja
Who Had The Capacity To Bring Out Thousand Demons
From A Drop Of Blood Spilt From His Body.
Happy 7th Naratri

Happy Navratri Six Day

Fifth Of Navratri Is The Day Of Worshipped Of Skanda Mata
SHE Has Three Eyes And Four Hands
2 Hands Hold Lotuses
While The Other 2 Hands Respectively Display
Defending And Granting Gestures.
She Is The Ocean Of Knowledge.
Happy 5th Day Of Navratri

5th day sms for navratri

Skanda Mata Is Worshipped
On The Fifth Day Of Navratri.
SHE Is Holding Her Son
‘Skandaa Or Kartikaya’
On Her Lap.
Happy 5th Navratri

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Happy Navratri Poem

Maa Ki Jyoti Se Noor Milta Hai,
Sabke Dilo Ko Shurur Milta Hai,
Jo Bhi Jatahai Maa Ke Dwar,
Kuch Na Kuch Jarur Milta Hai.
Shubh Navratri

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