I Miss You So Much…I Feel So Alone Without You.

I Feel So Alone Without You.
Ever Since You Gave Me My Broken Heart.
I Feel Sad And Hurt
Ever Since You Walked Out That Door.
I Miss You So Dearly.

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Do U Miss U

The Dost
I Miss You

Subject: Do U Miss U

I Beg To Say That I Am The Student
Of Your Friendship Class

I Am Feeling Very Lonely
Mera Jee Nahi
Lag Raha Aap Ke Binna
So Kindly
Send Me Lovely Friendship Sms

Thanks You

Whenever You Miss ME

()¤()  CLOSE
( -.-) YOUR EYES
(“)(“)   AND

()¤())¤()    THAT
(  ‘.’ )’.’
(“)(“)’)(“) TOGETHER.

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4 Facts 2 Live Better

4 Facts 2 Live Better…
1st “Never Say Sorry 2 D 1 Who Likes U”
2nd “Nevr Say Bye 2 D 1 Who Needs U”
3rd “Nevr Blame D 1 Who Really Trust U”
4th “Nevr 4get D 1 Who Always REMEMBERS U”

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""Miss You sMs""

Yaad Karte Hai Jab B Doston Ko
Yaadon Se Dil Bhar Aata Hai
Kabhi Sath Baitha Karte They Sub
Ab Milne Ko Dil Taras Jaata Hai

Miss You

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Someone Will Always Miss U

Leave Something For Someone

Never Leave Someone For Something

In Life
Something Will Leave You

Someone Will Always Miss U.

Teri Yaad Bhi Kamal Karti Hai

Teri Yaad Bhi Kamal Karti Hai
Kesey Kesey Humse Sawal Karti Hai
Ek Pal Ko Tanha Nhi Hone Deti Mujhe
Ye Mera Kitna Khayal Karti Hai..!

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