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Chewing gum

Chewing gum

There’s something I always do
I know it’s true
Do you?

It’s something to do with goo
It gets stuck on your shoe
It’s something you like to chew

It knows what it needs to do
But do you?

Chunna Munna Do Chuze The

Chunna Munna Do Chuze The,
Aik Dinn Dono Ghar Se Nikle
Daana Chugne
Wah Phir Paunche
Chunne Ne Aik Keerha Dekha
Chunne Ne Munne Ko Bola
Dono Ne
Zor Se Kencha
Zor Se Kencha
Zor Se Kencha
Zor Se Kencha

Aur Pata Hai Kiaa Dekha???
Dono Phir ZÃ¥r Se Baage

Chunna Piche
Munna Aage

Chunna Piche
Munna Aage

Chunna Piche
Munna Aage

Kids poems in Hindi | Short Rhyme Poetry

Short Hindi Poems for Kids on various categories like independence day, friendship, funny on various seasons like rainy , spring season, summer in Hindi, English Languages etc.

Ek Do Teen Chaar
Aoo Milke Bhete Yaar

Paanch Che Saath
Suno Humari Baat

Aaath Nau Dus
Baat Humari Bus

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