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Bukhari Hadees SMS

Anas Raziallahu Anhu Se Rivayat Hai K
Rasulullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam Ki Si
Bohat Hulki Aur Bohat Kaamil Namaz
Main Ne Kisi Imam Ke Peeche Nahi Perhi.
Jab Aap (Aurto Ki Saff Main)
Bachey Ke Roney Ki Awaz Suntey
To Is Dar Se Namaz Hulki Ker Dete Ke Iski Maa Ko
Takleef Hogi.

(Bukhari, Al Jumma,H #708)

ALLAH Is With U Always

ALLAH Is With U Always!

When U R Blessed,
HE Is Al-Rehman

When U R Hungry,

When U R Honoured
HE Is Al-Moiz

When U R Weak,
HE Is Al-Moqeet

When U Pray,
Is Al-Mujeeb

When U Need Friend,
HE Is Al-Wali

When U R Detracked,
HE Is Al-Hadi

When U R
HE Is Al-Kareem

When U R Forgiven,
He Is Al-Ghafoor

When U R In The Darkness Of
HE Is Al-Noor

If U R Sinner,
HE Is Al-Tawwab

Good Morning. . :-)

10 Ways To Earn Hasanaat

10 Ways To Earn Hasanaat..

1) Give A Copy Of The Qur’an To Someone,Each Time They Read From
It,U Gain.

2) Donate A Wheelchair To A Hospital,Each Time A Sick Person Uses It,U Gain.

3) Share Constructive Reading Material.

4) Help In Educating A Child.

5) Teach Someone To
Recite A Du’a,Each Time They Recite,U Gain.

6) Share A Du’a Or Qur’an CD.

7) Participate
In Building A Masjid.

8) Place A Water Cooler In A Public Place.

9) Plant A Tree.Each Time
Any Person Or Animal Sits In Its Shade Or Eats From The Tree,U Gain.

10) Share This Msg Wid
As Many People As Possible,If One Person Applies Any Of Above U Ll Get Hasanaat Til De Day
Of Judgement.