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Hamare To Gadhay Bhi Sms
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Y Pakistan Is In Trouble?

Y Pakistan Is In Trouble?

Population : 16 Carore
4 Carore Retired
4 Crore In State Govt
Don’t Work
2 Crore In School
2 Carore Under5 Year
2 Crore Unemployed
1,99,99,998 R In Jail
The Balance R U And Me
U R Buzy To Read Sms..
How Can I Handle Pakistan Alone ..??

Indo-Pak Border n Kisses

A Hen Lays Egg At Indo-Pak Border
Both Countries Start Fighting Over 1 Egg
Finally Pakistani Says:

Whoever Kisses
More Women In Other Country
Will Keep The Egg
It Was Decided,
Pakistani Goes To India & Kisses 2000 Women

Excited Indian Says:
Its Our Turn Now

Pakistani Says:
Chal Yaar Anda Tu Rakh Le.

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