Ek Nazar Shaam ke Baad Sms

Uune dekhaa hai kabhii ek nazar shaam ke baad
kitane chup-chaap se lagate hai.n shajar shaam ke baad

Itne chup-chaap ke raaste bhii rahe.nge laa-ilm
chho.D jaaye.nge kissi roz nagar shaam ke baad

Mai.n ne aisee hii gunaah terii judaa_ii me.n kiye
Jaise tuufaan me.n ko_ii chho.D de ghar shaam ke baad

Shaam se pahale vo mast apanii u.Daano.n me.n rahaa
Jis ke haatho.n me.n the TuuTe hue par shaam ke baad

Raat biitii to gine aable aur phir sochaa
Kaun thaa baa_is-e-aaGaaz-e-safar shaam ke baad

Tuu hai suuraj tujhe maaluum kahaa.N raat kaa dukh
Tuu kisii roz mere ghar me.n utar shaam ke baad

LauT aaye na kissi roz vo aavaaraa majaaz
Khol rakhate hai.n isii aas pe dar shaam ke baad

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Have A Magnificent Day (Good Morning)

Rise And Shine Sunshine!
Have A Magnificent Day.
I’m So Happy Each Day
I Get To Wake Up And Greet You To Start It Off.
Smile All Day Long And
Let Nothing Get In Your Way!

Good Morning

Superb Good Morning Sms

Indeed, It Is A Beautiful Morning;
The Brightly Shining Sun Is A True Indicator
Of A Good Day Ahead,
And A Reminder That We Should Stay Positively.
Have A Good Morning And Also A Superb Day.

Good Morning Quotes in English

Good Morning.
I’m Just Reaching Out To Say
I Miss You And I Love You.
Have A Great Day!
Work Smarter Not Harder
And Take A Break In Between.
I Can’t Wait To See You Later.

Gorgeous Good Morning Sms

Good Morning!
It’s A Gorgeous Day,
The Mood Is Right And Ripe For Greatness.
Take A Deep Breath And Take It Easy Today.
Enjoy Your Day And Make It A Productive One.

Good Morning Sms for Love One

Please Have A Coffee Of Warm SMS
With Sugar Of Sweet Wishes
Prepared Specially For You
At This Cold Morning From Me.
Never Mind If Sugar Is Little,
Because I’ve Prepared It For The First Time.
Good Morning

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Good Morning Sms for Frineds

Janam Apne Hath Mein Nahi
Marna Apne Hath Mein Nahi
Per Jeewan Ko Apne Tarike Se Jina
Apne Hath Mein Hota Hai
Masti Karo Muskurate Raho
Sabke Dilo Mein Jagah Banate Raho
Good Morning Dear

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Last Morning of December 2012

You Are Not What Others Think Of You…
But You Are What You Think Of Yourself….
Good Morning..
Enjoy The Day

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1st Good Morning of New Year 2013

You’re The Winter Sun,
You’re The Summer Breeze,
On A December Rose,
You’re A Drop Of Dew,
After Cloudy Nights,
Of Good Morning Shimmer,
You’re The First Ray,
You’re The First Ray…
Good Morning,…

english good morning message

if you stand for a reason, be prepared to stand alone like a Tree

if you fall on the ground fall as a seed that grows back to fight again….

Good Morning

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