A True Friend Messages

Walking With Me In My Lowest Of Times
Has Proved You To Be A True Friend.
You Have Been There When I Needed You Most;
It Is My Obligation To Pay Back
By Being The Companion That You Will Ever Need.

Unique Messages for Friendship

Friendship Is The Force
That Drives All That Is Good In This World.
It Is The Unique Feeling That Comforts,
Reassures And Keeps Us Together

Facebook Friends

Facebook Has Given Me Friends,
Friends Who Have Made A Family
That I Never Had.
We Have Shared Great Life Experiences
That Make My Life Better Each Day.
May You Live Long My Lovely Friends

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Friends Forever Sms & Messages

Friends Do Not Make Life Easier
But They Provide The Strength And Support
That Helps Us Get Through Tough Times.
To Make A Friend Is An Event
But To Keep One Is A Process.

Friends Forever

Best Friendship Sms Messages

It’s An Eventful Journey
That Will Take You To The Lowest Of Valleys
And The Highest Of Mountains.
If This Journey Is Completed,
Tasking As It May Be,
It Makes People Friends Forever.

Iss Dosti Mei he Hota Hai Shayari Sms

Har koi pyar k liye
tadapta hai.
Har koi pyar k liye rota
Ae dost ye dosti sada
kayam rakhna
Kyunki sabse jyada pyar
iss dosti mei he hota

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Life would be boring Without Friendship

Everyday I see lots of strangers passing by me
This makes me realised that,
Life would be boring, without a friend like you.

Happy Friendship Day Wishes for Girlfriend

Never Abandon Old Friends.
They Are Hard 2 Replace.
Friendships Is Like Wine:
It Gets Better As It Grows Older.
Just Like Us…
I Get Better, U Get Older.

Friendship Message For Girl Friend

Good Friends Care For Each Other!
Close Friends Understand Each Other!
But ,True Friends Stay Forever Beyond Words.
Time @ Distance!
Happy Friendship Day

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