Special Father’s Day Occasion

All The Happiest Moments
In My Life Are With You.
For Me Without You There Is No Happiness.
I Really Miss You
On This Special Father’s Day Occasion.


If God Asks Me
“What Is The Best Thing You Got In Your Life?”

I Will Never Reply
As He Will Snatch It From Me.
You Are The Best Thing
I Got In My Life Father.


Fathers Day Meanings

Meaning of Father

F = From The Start Of Your Life
A = Always There For Me
T = Till The End Your Life.
H = Heroic Things You Did
E = Encourages Me.
R = Really I Miss You.

Fathers Day Celebrated on 16 June

My Daddy Is The Greatest;
The Best Dad There Ever Was.
He Always Brings Me Lots Of Joy;
He’s My Very Own Santa Claus.
My Daddy Can Do Anything;
He’s Smart As Smart Can Be.
I Love To Walk And Hold His Hand
To Show He Belongs To Me.
I Love My Daddy!

Dearest Papa

If I Could Ever Go Back
And Relive A Moment In My Life,
I Would Choose The Time
When You Lifted Me In Your Arms
And I Felt On The Top Of The World.
Wish You A Very Happy Fathers Day.

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fathers day sms in urdu

Fathers Day Sms In Urdu 2012

Mere Khuda Tera Shukriya,
Mere Khuda Tera Karam,
Mere Abbu Ki Mohabbat Ki Mohabbat Sabse Badi..
Yahi Dua K Rahe Uska Sada Mujhpe Reham!

Fathers Day Sms In Urdu 2012

Aur Tum ALLAH Ki Ibadat Karo
Aur Us K Sath Shirk Na Kro
Aur Maa Baap K Sath Naik Sulook
(Surah E Nisa, V:36)

“Waalden K Sath Naik Sulook Kro,
Agr Tmhare Pas Un Me Se Koi Ek
Ya Donu Zaef Hojaen
To Unko Uff Tak Na Kaho,
Na Unko Jhirrak Kr Jawab Dou,
Bul K Un K Sath
Ehtram Se Baat Kro.”
(Surah E Bani Israel, V:32)

[Waalden Ki Na Farmani Haraam Ha
Ye Buht
Bara Gunah Ha,
Isi Liye Isko Shirk K Sath Bayan Kia Gya Hai

Respect Ur Parents

Fathers Day Sms In Urdu 2012

Tamam Gunahon Ki Saza
ALLAH Jab Tak Chahay Talta Rehta Hy
Lkin Waldain Ke Nafrman Ko
Uski Zndge Me He Saza Deta He

Love Your Parents !
Respect them

Poems About Fathers Day

Fathers Day Poems Urdu / Hindi / English

Fathers Day Poems Urdu

Ek din ap ke zindgi mein ese
Larki aye ge jo app ko
Pyar se chahe ge
Pyar se dekhi ge
Ap ko bohat pyar de ge
Ap se pyar mange gi
App ko kiss kr k khe ge

Fathers Day Poems Hindi

प्यारे पापा
प्यारे पापा सच्चे पापा ,
बच्चों के संग बच्चे पापा,
करते हैं पूरी हर इच्छा,
मेरे सबसे अच्छे पापा,

पापा ने ही तो सिखलाया,
हर मुश्किल में बन कर साया,
जीवन जीना क्या होता है,
जब दुनिया में कोई आया,

उंगली को पकड़ कर सिखलाता,
जब पहला क़दम भी नहीं आता,
नन्हे प्यारे बच्चे के लिए ,
पापा ही सहारा बन जाता.

Fathers Day Poems English

A Pillar Of My Life And Of My Joy;
Patient, Though I May Your Cover Rumple;
Pleased To Be Both Playmate And Large Toy.
Yours Is The Quiet Sanity I Count On,
Familiar In The Space Around Your Voice,
A Gentle, Well-Trained Wisdom I Can Mount On
To Ride To The Persuasion Of My Choice.
Here I Am, Then, At Your Doorstep Waiting,
Eager To Be Held By You And Play,
Ravenous With Hunger There’s No Sating,
‘Mid Your Life A Willful Piece Of Clay.
So Will We Join Our Destinies In This
Dependency, Which Someday I Will Miss,
A Long, Consuming Moment Which, When Done,
Yet Will Shape The Journeys Still To Run.
Happy Fathers Day Poems Urdu Hindi English

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