Cigarette Facts

A Crush Is Lik A Cigrete…
Starts Off Wid A Spark,
Appears 2 Burn
Brightly Durng D Middle,
But Finaly Ends In Ashes.
But Who Cares
V R All Chain Smokers..

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Sal 2011 Me 4 Asi Dates Aati Hen

sal 2011 me 4 esi dates aati hen jo k Aam_tor pe nahe atien:-
1/1/11, 1/11/11, 11/1/11, 11/11/11
aur sirf itna hi nahi:
Jis year me ap peda hoy thy us year k akhri 2 digit len, ab tk apki jitni Umr bnti hy wo is me add kren,
to har Shakhs k lye answer 111 nikly ga!
For example;
koi 1985 my peda howa aur 2011 tk uski Umr 26 sal hy to,
Is Sal October me 5 Saturdays, 5 Sundays or 5 Mondays hongy,
Esa sirf har 823 saal bad hota hy..

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Real Fact SMS 140 Words

Real Fact :

The First Person In The M0rning
N The Last Person In The Night You Think About

Is Either The Cause Of Ur Happiness
Or The Cause Of Ur Pain

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Wah Pakistani Wah

Govt Bas Me Bethna Nahi
Govt School Me Parhna Nahi
Govt Hospital Me Elaj Karvana Nahi

Nokri Chahiye To Goverment Ki.

Wah Pakistani Wah..:-)

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It Is A Public Service Msg

Dear All,
Nowadays Its V Common V Recive
Diff SMS Regardng Jobs Of Atractiv Packags
Wid Fringe Benefits N They Ask
U 2 Send Cv 2 A Hotmail/Gmail/Yahoo Ids.
These Type Of SMS’s R
Fake N Untrustable.
This Is A New Way 2 Collect History Of Jobless Females
N Collect Their Personal & Critical Information
Like CNIC, Email Ids, Addres,Phone
And  Specially Cell Nos Via Cv’s
N Use Them 4 Obnoxious N Illegal Activities.
Many Girls Respond 2 These Attractive Msgs
Due To Their Financial Circumstances.
Plz Avoid 2 Fwd
Such Kind Of Not-Verified Texts.
It Is A Public Service Msg.
Plz Dont Forget 2 Fwd 2 Ur Contact Lis

Raymond Devis Killed 2 People At Public Place

Raymond Devis:
Killed 2 People At A Public Place Of Lahore
& Claimed To Fire In Self Defense
Us Embassy Has Refused To Cooperate
With Pak & Demanding His Immediate Release
At Other Side
Dr Aafia Siddiqi An Innocent Pakistani Citizen
Who Was Alleged For Attacking Two Us Soldiers
In Self Defense In War Hit Afghanistan
Physical And Mental Torture For 5 Yrs
And Then Finaly Sentence Of 80 Yrs Prison
And All This With Full Support Of Pak Govt
Why The Difference?
Is A Random Us Citizen Above Pakistani Law?
Its Time To Make A Call
Raymond Kay Badley Aafia
Speak Out Till It Becomes
Voice Of Whole Country
Its Now Or Never!
free web tracker, fire_lady