Cute Wishes

A negative thinker see a difficulty in every opportunity,

A positive thinker see an opportunity in every difficulty,wish u an optimistic life.

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One tree

One tree can start a forest,
one smile can start a relationship,
one touch can show luv n care &
one person like u can make life worth living.
ALLAH bless u!

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hindi anniversary sms

i wish u de best anniversary a man could wish his love throughout the years we’ve had our ups& downs but we stood by each other no matter what happened we maintained this love so on our anniversary of 2years i just wanna say this “thank u &i’ll alwayz love you for what you’ve done for me”u were &still r my light and shine in my world ngi’asixenga ngawe(zulu for i’m proud of you love keep it up).remember this when things get rough and tough”i love you”
hindi anniversary sms

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