1/04/2013 Sms

Oh, If I Were Just An April Fool,
Then I’d Be Wise All The Rest Of The Months.
I’d Buy The Right Stocks,
Put On The Right Socks,
Eat My Bagels With Lox,
And Be As Cunning As A Fox.

April Fools Day Quotes

A Common Mistake
That People Make When Trying
To Design Something Completely Foolproof
Is To Underestimate The Ingenuity Of Complete Fools.

April Fool SMS Messages

U R One Of D CUTEST Persons In This World!!Just A Second, Don’t Misunderstand Me.
CUTE Means:

April Fool Day Jokes

Sardar Got Into A Bus On 1st April
When Conductor Asked For Ticket.
He Gave Rs.10/-
And Took The Ticket And Said April Fool.
I Have Pass.

1st April SMS

Khush Toh Bohut Hoge Tum,
Baat Hi Kutch Aisi Hai,
1st April Jo Ho Rahi Hai,
Dil Mein Gudgudi Si Ho Rahi Hogi,
Aur Kyo Na Ho….
Saal Mein Ek Hi Toh Din Aata Hai JoHota Hai Sirf Tumhaare Naam.

Kiss Me I’m Beautiful

Slapping the old “Kick Me” sign on your friend’s back is old and just plain mean. I suggest going with something a little more original and witty. How about these suggestions:

  • Kiss Me I’m Beautiful
  • Ponage
  • Don’t Touch
  • I’m Hot
  • Danger!!!

Fake Blood Farce

The easiest recipe for fake blood is corn syrup and red food coloring, but there are tons of other ways to do it. Once you have some fake blood, get it all over your hands and wrestle your little brother right in front of your parents. Or you can pretend that you just came back from an accident or you were just shot!… acting skills required!

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